Agglomerated Welding Flux BF 3

Flux type: Aluminate-Basic

ISO 14174: S A AB 1 67 AC H5*
(EN 760: SA AB 1 67 AC H5)


BF 3 is an agglomerated aluminate-basic flux with high current-carrying capacity, specially designed for the welding of windmill towers using tandem – arc. It is also suitable for joint welding of unalloyed and low alloy structural steels, pipe steels, boiler steels and fine grain steels. The flux is suitable for single and multilayer welding of longitudinal, circumferential and fillet welds. It can be used for single, tandem, twin and multi wire welding systems. Excellent slag removal in narrow groove welds of thick wall sections. Typical characteristic of this flux is a medium Mn and Si pick up as well as very low diffusible hydrogen level. It is suitable for both AC and DC welding.


Joint welding of no alloy and low alloy structural steels acc. to. EN 10025. Fine grain steels with Ys < 420 MPa and boiler steels such as P265GH (H II) and 16Mo3/A335 grade 91.

Characteristic chemical constituents

SiO2 + TiO2Al2O3 + MnOCaO + MgOCaF2
20 % 30 % 35 % 10 %
Basicity according to Boniszewski: ~1,9

Flux density: 1.1 kg / dm3 (l)
Grain size aac. to ISO 14174: 2 - 20
Current-carrying capacity: up to 1,500 A (DC or AC) using one wire

*) Diffusible hydrogen content H5: determined in deposited metal acc. to the method described in ISO 3690
Type of current DC; redrying conditions 200 ± 50°C


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