Agglomerated Welding Flux BF 8.13

Flux type: Calcium-Silicate

ISO 14174: S A CS 3 CCrMo AC


Agglomerated and active SAW flux (C, Cr, Mo alloying characteristic) designed for hardfacing, and joint welding of low alloyed wire electrodes.
BF 8.13 shows constant chemical reactions as typical for a Bavaria-alloyed flux.


Further information on request.


Characteristic chemical constituents

SiO2 +Al2O3 +TiO2 CaO + MgO CaF2
55 % 25 % 10 %
Basicity according to Boniszewski: ~1.7



Flux density: 1.2-1.3 kg / dm3 (l)
Grain size acc. to ISO 14174: 2 – 16
Current–carrying capacity: up to 800 A DC using one wire 4.0 mm


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